Active / Inactive Projects (finally!)

We just rolled out a new release of Nirvana that lets you move projects you are not actively working on out of the way by making them inactive.

Inactive projects do not appear in the left navi.  Also, inactive project tasks do not appear in your Next view.  If you have a lot of projects in Nirvana, the ability to “hide” what you’re not actively working on really helps bring your day into focus.

To make a project inactive:

From a contextual pulldown menu (on the far right of each project) select “make project inactive” —or— drag and drop a project onto Someday.

To make an inactive project active again:

From the contextual pulldown menu select “make project active” —or— drag and drop the inactive project onto Next.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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  1. Alex

    Looking better and better guys! Can’t wait to give it a try.

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