What we’ve been up to

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted on our blog and the natives are getting restless.

So what on earth have we been up to these last few months?  A lot!  We built our first iPhone webapp (still experimental, but it’s showing great promise – mad props to the jQTouch team), we re-implemented and streamlined task delegation (to be released in the coming days), we created a framework for internationalization so that Nirvana can render in multiple languages, and we squashed a ton of bugs.

Behind the scenes we’ve optimized countless lines of code, re-factored some back-end data handling, and migrated to new hosting – all in the name of making Nirvana zippier and stronger.

We had hoped to launch our developer API by now but got a bit ahead of ourselves. It’s still slated for release “soon” – but we need to document it properly, really bullet-proof it, and build in some sort of throttling. Better to wait and get it right, we say, than release too early and have a bunch of great 3rd party apps fail because we missed something. We’re working diligently and will announce it when it’s ready.

But enough about that, where’s my beta account?!

If you’ve signed up for a beta account and are still waiting for an invite, here are your options:

1. Be patient and have faith that we’ll get you in as soon as we can

2. Tweet our praises and/or contact us directly to sweet-talk us into creating your account pronto

We figure if you’ve been following our progress closely enough to read this blog post, you deserve an account sooner rather than later.  We’re easy like that.  Give us a shout – we’d love to hear from you.


  1. Really excited about Beta testing Nirvana since I heard #startupcfo reviews of it. Come on let’s make this happen.

    • Let’s make this happen indeed… John, check your email as well. I’ve hooked you up with an account. Have fun. ~Christiane

  2. Damian Castillo

    Nirvana team.

    I am not the type of person who would beg to get in a beta of any kind.

    I have been using GTD in all areas of my life for several years. I have David Allen’s books and currently contribute in GTD discussions.

    After years of using GTD trying many GTD applications and services. I can say that I am excited about Nirvana. Why? Because nothing out there has allowed me to reach Nirvana.

    So I will make an exception and BEG for a beta account. PLEASE!!!! Get me out of this miserable world of bad GTD applications and services. I need to reach Nirvana.

    Well. Not sure if that did it, but time will tell.

    Seriously, You guys seems to have a great product coming and I would be more than appreciative in helping beta test it.

    • Damian… beg and you shall receive! Check your Gmail for some Nirvana emails. Cheers! ~Christiane

  3. Damian Castillo

    PLEASE let me help beta test Nirvana. I have never begged for a beta test, but I am a GTD user of many years and have tried just about every GTD application and service out there.

    I have never found Nirvana. Take me out of my misery already.


  4. Mattias

    The best online GTD app so far! GREAT!!
    Give me a real iPhone app and a offline mode on my laptop and I´m in heaven!
    Keep up!

    • Mattias… thanks so much for your appraise, we really appreciate it. We will definitely keep it up, so keep your feedback coming! ~Christiane

  5. Mattias

    Moving existing gtd-system to Nirvana…

  6. I have tried signing up using 3 different email accounts but haven’t received a single invite. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Please please please send me an invite 🙂

  7. Rene

    I’ve seen and tried lots of GTD applications but somehow never found one that really suits me. I am very impressed by the tour on your site and signed up for a beta test some time ago. Since Nirvana could indeed be the ideal GTD application, I would very much like to join the test group and receive a Nirvana account soon…

  8. Sean

    I’ve been looking for an online GTD system for forever, and Nirvana looks like exactly what I need! Help me out, please!

  9. gwendibbley

    Really beautiful interface. Is it possible to try it out for myself?


  10. Jon

    I signed up for a beta account a few weeks ago, sent you an e-mail, and waited impatiently! I like what I’ve seen of Nirvana and am very excited to start trying it. I would be very appreciative if I could get an invite. Like Proximo, I’ve made the rounds through all the on-line task managers and can’t wait to try this one. Please let me in so I can start playing around with it. Thanks!

  11. Jon

    A couple weeks ago, I signed up for an account, sent an e-mail, and then waited impatiently. Through the years, I have tried almost every on-line task manager and like what I’ve seen of Nirvana so far. I’d really appreciate an invitation to use the beta so I can play around with it. Please, give me an invitation sooner rather than later! Thanks. Jon

  12. I, too, appreciate the functionality and GUI of Things, but crave an online version. Remember-the-Milk has an excellent open web-based platform, but falls short on intuitive interaction. I settled on Todoist for it’s ultimate simplicity, and still wanted more options from it.

    I have long awaited, and even begun to create ideas of my own about what a truly extraordinary GTD app would be. Nirvana seems to incorporate all of these things: intuitive interactions, calendar synching, a web-based app, beautiful interface, iPhone app, and the list goes on. I would absolutely love the chance to get my cursor and ever expanding list of to-dos into the beta!

    Thanks for being awesome!

  13. Chris

    I’m also trying to transition to a web-based GTD set-up but haven’t found one that suits. Would love to give Nirvana a spin.

  14. I too would be keen to try it out. I have used things, and now are using omnifocus. As much as like it, I am now always on my mac. Now that I use gmail/gcal/gdocs as my nerve centre, it makes sense to look for an online task manager.

    I too beg for an invite 🙂

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