Supported Browsers (updated)

Hello Safari 4!  (IE6 – R.I.P.)

We’re working hard to support as many A-Grade browsers as possible. At this stage, however, we are focused on compatibility with the following os/browser combinations only:

• Windows XP/Vista – Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8
• Mac OS X 10.5 – Firefox 3 and Safari 4

If you prefer using a browser other than these, by all means give ’em a go. If it’s a standards-compliant browser everything should work fine, though perhaps with a few minor rough-around-the-edges kind of issues. We gave Nirvana a whirl in the new Google Chrome for Mac this morning and it’s a thing of beauty.

That said, I think we’re pretty unanimously of one mind here that Internet Explorer 6 will not be supported. Ever. Gotta take a stand.


  1. jake_ie8team

    If you are an IE 8 user and cannot properly view a website (including this one) try activating its Compatibility Mode by clicking the icon next to the address bar that looks like a broken file. If that doesn’t allow you to see this page as it is intended, try browsing this guide:

    I hope this helps those who are having trouble with this website!

    – Jake

    MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team

  2. @jake_ie8team

    Ahem, Nirvana ONLY supports IE8 at this time. Did we just get blog-spammed by Microsoft?!


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