New BETA Site is Live!

We are SO pleased that our new, rockin’ BETA site is live – check it out! A BIG thanks to Plank for their wicked design, mark-up and stylin’ skills. Sign-up now to become a beta tester and spread the news to your friends, family and colleagues that they will eventually find peace with their ToDos.

And don’t be shy… let us know what you think. This is a BETA afterall.



  1. Kevin

    I’ve created an account, now how do I access the site and login?

  2. Ann Onymous

    Too bad your entire design is a ripoff of the Mac app, Things.

  3. truth

    You completely ripped off Things from culturedcode. You guys suck.

  4. Pishabh Badmaash

    Are you selling Things for online? I am very disturbed

  5. Hmmmmm............

    Yeah, your design looks like an exact copy of Things. Anyone who is into GTD and has looked for a GTD solution, would have seen Things. I would even own Things by now, if I had a Mac. This really doesn’t speak too well of you guys, or your app.

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